I have a passion and a love for all aspects of art. I live and dream in colour and photography is a way for me to capture those beautiful moments that pass us by.

When I was a child I begged and begged for my first camera. I still remember it was a green plastic 'sports' camera. I struggled to find my style and vision as I walked around taking pictures of flowers, trees, and nature. This continued into my adult life and I eventually gave up. Then, a couple years ago I really started to pay attention. 'People watching' my husband calls it. I started seeing angles, light and shape while looking at people and I realized that I found my niche. I started taking portraits of my wonderful friends who gladly posed as models for me. The passion and excitement was immediately sparked and its been non-stop ever since.

My style is soft and romantic and I specialize in weddings, life style and Boudoir.

I'm very happy to be a partner in this business with my lovely husband Mike.

I sincerely look forward to working with you and capturing your most important moments!